November 12, 2021

What makes a great trucking company great?

Many people will first say good earnings. Yes. Good pay is essential too, but what makes a great company - great is not just money. There is more than that.

Many people will first say good earnings. Yes. Good pay is essential too, but what makes a great company - great is not just money. There is more than that.

Below we have the crucial things that make a great company great and what you should pay attention to when choosing where you want to work.

1. Well treated employees

Trust is the most important thing between a good company and an employee. When there is trust, drivers will stay longer, and the companies that take care of it have the best, most motivated, and happiest employees.

2. Great Equipment

Every large company invests in good equipment to make it easier for its employees to work in the company. The job will be done faster with less risk for mistakes because good equipment affects the quality of service.

3. They are problem solvers for their truck drivers

When a problem occurs, great companies solve problems with their employees because they treat their employees as a team. Truck drivers want to know they have a company backing them up, especially when doing OTR hauls.

4. Responsiveness

As a CDL Class A truck driver, you will have questions needing to be answered fast because... Well, time is money. Great companies are good at fast responsiveness because they do not have time to waste and want everyone to be happy and satisfied.

5. Growth

Steady growth is a good sign for any company, and this applies to trucking companies too. And when the company grows, everyone in it is growing as well. Because without hard work there is no successful company.

 6. Active social media pages

Truck drivers, especially those looking for CDL Class Trucking jobs, explore social media a lot. Being active on social media is not only popular but also a good sign that a company focuses on conversations and has nothing to hide. If this matches excellent reviews, then it's also a sign these are companies you can trust.

The life of a driver is not always easy, so it is vital to find a company that values its employees and the work they do for the company.

Want to talk with us about trucking jobs at Paragon Freight? We're ready to listen and answer. Contact us today.

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