November 24, 2021

Truck Driving Jobs in Illinois in 2022

Learn more about the best truck driving jobs in Illinois for 2022. Explore opportunities for company drivers and owner-operators.

If Chicago is your type of city, you can find many carriers that serve smaller cities and rural areas. Chicago has great opportunities because it borders the Great Lakes, and this city is the largest freshwater port that serves Central America.

When it comes to exports, Illinois is the sixth busiest state in America and the only one of the top 10 countries without direct access to the seaport.

As the economy has its ups and downs, Illinois has a lot of consumers who need the basics of life. Cross-country routes offer access to Chicago, making Illinois one of the most active and beloved states in the Midwest when it comes to trucking jobs.

In this blog, we will talk about why truck driving jobs in Illinois are suitable for truck drivers in 2022.

Company driver jobs in Illinois

Illinois is an excellent place for company drivers. Here you can make the most of your driving experience. Paragon Freight is one of the best freight carriers in Illinois, offering excellent company driver jobs. We provide many benefits for our team and solo drivers, which you can learn more about here.

Owner Operator jobs in Illinois

We did a little research about how much Owner Operators like to work in this state and found out they love it! Why? Illinois offers a variety of industries in which the driver can specialize, whether it is products exported abroad or remain in the country.

Paragon Freight is a go-to company for Owner Operators in Illinois. Check our offer to learn more.

Paragon Freight is a Chicago-based logistics company that has delivered thousands of goods nationwide. Our goal is to do our best to deliver products safely and economically.

Are you currently looking for truck driving jobs in Illinois?

Let our recruiters lead your way and fit you with the best career option for you. Apply today and let your success ride with us!

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